NX-5300E2_SWL_KRA-22 (1).png
NX-5300E2_SWL_KRA-22 (1).png



UHF NEXEDGE/P25 Digital/Analogue Portable Radio with GPS - with Standard Keypad

Multi-mode - NEXEDGE NXDN Digital Air Interface and Analogue FM

P25 Conventional/P25 Trunking Phase 1 & 2 via License key

Built-in GPS Module and antenna

Built-in Bluetooth V3.0

Extra Large Channel Capacity (1024 channels/128 zones) expandable to 4000 channels via License key

Motion Sensor/Man-Down function

Built-in 56-bit DES Encryption (upgradeable to AES standard)

Micro-SD card slot

True-USB port

Waterproof to IP67/IP68. MIL-STD 810G Certification


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