South Africans trapped on Mount Everest believed safe

Wisedale said in a blog post on Wednesday that his teammates were "unbelievable" during the crisis.

"When the injured needed to be hauled into a makeshift medical tent – Rob [Bentley, the team's base camp manager] was there. I am very fortunate to be in the company of people I would go to war with," he said.

"We are currently out of base camp reflecting on what we have just survived. Our plans are not certain."

Ahmed Areff, News24

Johannesburg - South African climbers are still uncertain about whether they will tackle the highest peak in the world after an earthquake in Nepal left 5 000 dead, and resulted in an avalanche at the mountain.

Durban based climber Sean Wisedale and his teammates were at Mount Everest base camp when the avalanche hit the Nepali side of the mountain.

At least 17 people at the base camp died.