Model 735 Radio Teleconnect


Model 735 Radio Teleconnect


The Model 735 Radio Teleconnect patches simplex, half and full-duplex radio systems to the telephone network. Calls from radio to telephone are made using DTMF keypads or microphones fitted to the radios. Calls from the telephone system to radio are made by calling over an open radio channel, or by selectively calling individual radios using 5-tone, 2-tone or DTMF signaling. CE Approved. Optional voice prompts, call logging. 

Model 735 is designed primarily for European telephone standards.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Radio to telephone interconnect for PABX or public subscriber line connection
  • Direct access to telephone
  • Installs on simplex or duplex base stations and repeaters
  • Compatible with simplex or duplex mobile or handportable radios
  • 2-tone (Quickcall II), 5-tone (EEA, CCIR, ZVEI), and DTMF selective calling
  • PC-programmable, direct/remotely with built-in modem
  • User-definable access code
  • Optional user-recordable voice prompts
  • Optional dial click decoder for pulse telephone systems
  • Optional digital voice delay for enhanced simplex operation
  • Enhanced dial-out restrictions per user/system
  • Optional call details logging for up to 400 records
  • 99 autodial telephone numbers
  • Conversation timers
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