Model 35 Telephone Interconnect


Model 35 Telephone Interconnect



The Model 35A Microconnect is a multi-featured, microprocessor-based telephone interconnect designed for use with simplex, half-duplex and fullduplex radio networks. It gives mobile radio users an exceptionally reliable and flexible method of placing and receiving phone calls.

System operators will benefit from the Model 35A’s flexibility; its user-programmable features make it a “customized” phone patch that adapts to any system’s specific needs. Programming is done quickly and easily from any DTMF telephone or mobile radio.

The Microconnect is designed for system operators who want complete control over their telephone interconnect system. Call lengths, access codes, and toll inhibits can all be tailored so phone connections never violate system regulations. If desired, an operator can allow trusted users to override calling restrictions with “Privileged User” access codes.


Product Features and Configuration


  • For use with simplex, half-duplex, and fullduplex radio networks
  • Regenerated DTMF or pulse dialing
  • VOX & sampling combined for optimal simplex operation
  • Microprocessor-based; nonvolatile system parameters
  • Programmable mobile and telco access/disconnect codes
  • Programmable Toll Inhibit and Call Time Limit

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