The DCS-5020 is designed to meet the needs of small integrated control rooms that combine radio and telephony interfaces. Combining telephony with digital or analogue radio control, it supports up to 30 channels and fifteen screen-based operator consoles. DCS-5020 meets a range of professional demands in the public safety, transportation, utility and private industry sectors.

Specific applications include mobile command, small control rooms and TETRA fallback systems. An architecture of distributed processing, with no central switch provides flexibility and scalability, delivering the high resilience demanded by these mission-critical applications.

The DCS-5020 includes Selcall (5-Tone), Digital Input/Outputs, and audio delay. The product is further strengthened by a range of technical requirements, building on the previous release and taking account of customer feedback.

Not for sale in North or South America.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Customizable console screen presentation to suit customer application
  • One to fifteen operators
  • Wireless connection to TETRA infrastructure provides fallback capability
  • Easy to use screen-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Wide variety of audio and radio interface options
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