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Joburg Road Show 2014

And so to our final event – Johannesburg.

The Indaba Hotel Fourways – always a great venue – AND the sun was shining!! What we didn’t know was that never mind the challenge of the Amazing Chase we all had to overcome the challenge of roadworks/taxi violence just to get to the venue – watch this space the next series of “Survivor” is coming to a suburb near you!!!

Amazingly the majority of people arrived on time and so we started what turned out to be an
“Amazing” day.

In addition to the presentations by Sean and Mark,  Quentin Daffarn from UC-Wireless gave us an overview of Integrated Communications Solutions and then yet another outstanding presentation from our resident (also not an employee) economist, Kevin Lings from Stanlib who spoke about the “Missing Puzzle Piece” basically outlining what the Government has done right in terms of governing the country, but also where they have “missed the mark” and still need to “step up” and perform if they want to have a complete picture and stronger economy.

After lunch it was time to divide everyone into teams for yet another version of the “Amazing Chase”
superbly run by our other non-employee, Mark Dio – Global seems to have a lot of “ad-hoc” employees – mmmm maybe do need to check the payroll!!

Teams had to complete similar challenges to Durban & Cape Town with a few notable additions…
like golf chipping and gumboot throwing  - We have it on good authority that some dealers are obviously spending more time on the golf course than at work… but that fitness levels are not what they should be – quite a lot of huffing and puffing was heard – maybe time to hit the gym!!

After such strenuous exercise and mental PT our hardy competitors were rewarded with a few drinks before dinner. 

The Indaba Hotel once again did not disappoint and put on a fantastic buffet and as the evening progressed it was interesting to hear that all the challenges in the afternoon had become “easy –piece of cake”.  Amazing what good food and a few drinks can do to the memory!!

As was the case in Cape Town –our entertainment for the evening was electronic bingo and our resident Bingo expert, Duane Rockwell, ensured that everyone had an enjoyable evening.

Once again, though ,all interest was focused on the main events for the evening and soon it was time to find out who had won the various awards and of course the last spot on the trip to Turkey.

Mark and Sean were once again in the spotlight so to speak and presented awards
to the following dealers

  • Runner-up Dealer    Limpopo 2013                     Coopers Radio (Modimolle)
  • Runner-up Dealer    Mpumalanga 2013              STR Communication Systems
  • Runner-up Dealer    North West 2013                  Exodus Comms
  • Runner-up Dealer    Free State 2013                   Radio SOS
  • Runner-up Dealer    Gauteng                               Two Way Radio Warehouse

  • Dealer of the Year    Limpopo 2013                      Kitso Tech Coopers Radio
  • Dealer of the Year    Mpumalanga 2013               Contact Comms
  • Dealer of the Year    North West 2013                  CQ Radio
  • Dealer of the Year    Free State 2013                    Carfone OFS
  • Dealer of the Year    Gauteng                                Ace Comms

  • Runner-up dealer    National 2013                        Witbank Communications
  • Dealer of the Year    National 2013                        Becker Mining South Africa

It was now time for the last event of the evening and in fact the last for the 2014 Roadshow the draw for the trip to Turkey, but before things got started we announced the prize for next year
A Sailing Trip for three couples in Croatia – what an experience that will be, so get buying your Kenwood radios and send in your cards.

Mark and Lyn had the eight cards that were verified by our auditor and one by one the envelopes were opened and the finalists were announced

  • Lou-Han Communications
  • Halo Technology
  • Witbank Communications
  • Radio Shaft Comms
  • Repcom
  • National Communications
  • Two Way Radio Shoppe
  • Contact Communications

Each finalist or representative went forward to choose their bingo sheet – same rules as Cape Town applied – first person to get all the numbers in the “K” for Kenwood and shouted Kenwood or Bingo would get the last place on the yacht.

Duane started the game….. numbers were called, more numbers were called and even MORE numbers called – at last someone shouted “Kenwood” – Duane verified the numbers and NO it wasn’t correct…. So the game continued – a few minutes later another finalist yelled “Kenwood” – once again Duane checked and still not correct – come on guys … focus!!!  There was as much nervous energy in the room as there was at the final of the 2007 Rugby world cup – in fact some people had to go and stand outside they couldn’t take the strain!  On and on went the numbers … Duane was losing his voice …. Finally a loud shout “Kenwood” was heard ….. was it correct…wasn’t it… check the numbers and YAY we had a winner

Contact Communications Nelspruit – Johan Kruger

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