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Cape Town Roadshow 2014

Next stop was the Mother City.
Our Winning Crew flew into Cape Town and surprise surprise…. It was raining!!
The Gods however were with us again and the day of the roadshow dawned bright and sunny at the beautiful Vineyard Hotel in Newlands


Slightly different format to Durban, we started a bit later but still had a good mix of business and pleasure.  Once again our dealers’  fitness and mental prowess were put to the test with the “Amazing Chase”.  No sandcastles this time… but the bucket, gutterball and music montage challenges  tested the creative abilities of the participants.  Have to say at this point that Global is really glad that our dealers’ ability to sell Kenwood radios is way better than their musical
knowledge !!  Enough said…
After some well -earned drinks our trusty competitors were treated to a wonderful dinner, the Chefs at the Vineyard really outdid themselves – thank you guys – and a fun-filled evening of electronic bingo provided by our “ghost employee” – Duane Rockwell (He is so often at our events that people think he is employed by us – he is not on the payroll YET… but definitely part of the Global family)
On top of all this…. We still had the most exciting part of the evening to come…. The dealer awards AND the announcement of who would be going sailing in Turkey.
After dessert - the moment of truth arrived and Mark called up Sean to present the dealer awards

  • Runner-up Dealer             Northern Cape 2013                         Cedtron
  • Runner-up Dealer             Eastern Cape 2013                            Ham Radio Outlet
  • Runner-up Dealer             Western Cape                                    RFG Electronics
  • Dealer of the Year            Northern Cape 2013                          J & B Comms (Kimberley)
  • Dealer of the Year            Eastern Cape 2013                            Snow Valley
  • Dealer of the Year            Western Cape 2013                          QSO Comms

And so onto the final part of the evening….  the five finalists, as verified by our auditors, were announced

  • Litronics
  • Bartel Communications
  • IR Pope & Sons
  • J&B Electronics
  • Emcom

Deciding the winner was done a little differently this year – they all had to compete in a final round of electronic bingo.  Each finalist had to choose a bingo card, they had to play all four blocks on the card simultaneously and the pattern was of course a “K” for KENWOOD .  The first person to get all the numbers and shout KENWOOD would be sailing away to Turkey.  The game commenced with Duane calling the numbers.  The atmosphere was electric…. Some only had one or two numbers to get… but still no winner … until finally one person shouted Kenwood or was it bingo – not sure but either way did we have a winner?  Duane asked the audience to verify the numbers with him and indeed we did…..
CONGRATULATIONS TO EMCOM – our winners in the Cape!!  

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