Taipei City Police Department Deploys KENWOOD’s NX-5000 Series, P25 Mission-critical Two-way Radios, Featuring EF Johnson’s ATLAS® System

JVCKENWOOD and its mission-critical P25 specialist, EF Johnson Technologies, have won a contract to deliver a P25 system solution – including radios and support services – to the Taipei City Police Department. This marks the first time that JVCKENWOOD and its affiliate EF Johnson have teamed up to secure a major contract.

Taipei has a population of 2.7 million; Taipei City PD operates 14 precincts and 94 police stations over an area of 270 square kilometers. For its scale alone this represents a considerable challenge in terms of radio communications. The solution is a cutting-edge P25 system that will improve coverage and provide secure, reliable city-wide communications.

P25 is a suite of standards developed to ensure interoperability among public safety agencies – including law enforcement, fire departments and EMS. The feature-packed NX-5000 Series and the ATLAS solution are designed to answer the demanding requirements of today’s mission-critical users, and offer KENWOOD’s renowned quality and first-class reliability, even when used in demanding environments.

Over the four-year phased migration, Taipei City PD will replace their obsolete EDACS system with an 8-site NX-5000 P25 trunked, multi-cast ATLAS® system. The package includes:
• 7,000 NX-5000 radios with AES encryption
• ATLAS® P25 system
• 9 StarGate® dispatch consoles

By investing in P25 technology, Taipei City PD has a future-proof system. They will benefit from greater choice and enjoy all the benefits of a solution that meets the complex needs of law enforcement in Taipei.

KENWOOD, a brand of JVCKENWOOD Corp., is renowned for high sound quality and technical expertise in the fields of car electronics, radio communication systems and audio equipment. EF Johnson Technologies Inc. was acquired by JVCKENWOOD in 2014 to enhance its P25 product offering with an extensive range of solutions and options for professionals in the public safety market.

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